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That’s My Song! Send us your story

“That’s My Song!
– A Storyteller’s Event In Nashville”

Everyone has a story about that one special song that impacted their life.

Or a story of how a song was the soundtrack for a big moment or life event!

Here’s your opportunity to be the star in Nashville and tell YOUR story!  

MARK YOUR CALENDAR to join us January 2020 in Nashville, TN.

Want to be one of our on-stage storytellers at this very special event? 

Story submissions are open NOW.  Write it out and send it to us!

An editorial team will choose stories on a rolling basis now through early January.  Only 9 storytellers will be chosen and will get 10 minutes each to tell their story from the stage at the legendary Douglas Corner Cafe.

Stories can be funny or poignant but must be about one song only.

You may tell your story from memory or read it from paper.

Stories shouldn’t be just reflections or musings but about actual events.

Here are a few guidelines to pay close attention to when submitting a story for consideration:

1. Stories must be about true events that happened to you and how a certain song played a part.

2. Stories should have a beginning, middle, and an end. They should make the listener ask, “What happened next?”

3. Stories should be about one song (it doesn’t have to be a Martina McBride song – it can be about any song by any artist from any genre). 

Submit stories to:

Don’t worry if you need help with your story… write it down and send it to us. We’ll take a look!

Here are some helpful story guidelines.

Mark your calendar to join us as part of the audience on January 27, 2020, at 7:30 PM at the legendary Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville, TN. This event is free but seating will be on a first come, first served basis. Chosen storytellers will be notified!

We’re partnering with Tenx9 Nashville Storytellers for this very special

We can’t wait to hear about special songs that rocked your world!