Well... Here it is! Wanted to show you first! #everlasting #march4#xo

Well… Here it is! Wanted to show you first! #everlasting #march4#xo



8 responses to Well… Here it is! Wanted to show you first! #everlasting #march4#xo

  1. Yay! a new album I’ve been waiting since eleven for more !
    Love you martina mcbride!!

  2. Can’t wait for this new release, Martina. Your voice is amazing and you can sing any genre out of the ballpark!! Can’t wait to hear your rendition of Suspicious Minds.. Huge Elvis fan and love that his music lives on..

  3. This album cover is incredibly similar to that of Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits and for good reason. No doubt the Art Director wanted to showcase Martina’s beautiful eyes just like those of “Ole Blue Eyes” himself on his album cover. Tell me I’m wrong. That being said, great album cover WOW you are so beautiful!

  4. I can’t wait for this release! Blown away by the track releases! Awesome choices by Martina! Have to somehow see here in concert with the tour to promote this new release!!!!! Know this may sound odd, but so much of this music is at the top of my eternal faves list and with Martina singing them, KNOW that I would feel a new and personally special connection to her. Ever feel like a fave is singing just to you (even if for a moment) at a concert? That experience is rare for me, but somehow, I can already feel that experience! I love you Martina and thank you so very much for doing this release!

  5. A simple but striking cover. Intense and captivating as your beautiful eyes reach out to the on-looker. No doubt the music will be up to the usual excellent quality we’ve come to appreciate. Hope you have great success with it, inc any touring.
    Look forward to adding it to my collection here in the UK.

  6. Bo-Ashley Bardot January 14, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    I love the new album cover for Martina Mcbrides Everlasting!

  7. STUNNING cover for what I’m sure is going to be an equally stunning album!! Absolutely CAN’T WAIT for March 4 to get here. Next up…track listing!

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