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martina —  March 17, 2014 — 1 Comment

It’s been a bit of a blur since leaving Nashville. We had quite the adventure traveling here.. Met the band and crew at the Nashville airport and had just sat down on our plane to Chicago when the captain told us there was a problem with the hydraulic system (?) and we would need to take our belongings and exit the plane while they fixed it. I’m glad they found it sooner than later!

Got on an Air Canada flight to Toronto and then had a lovely overnight flight to London. I can’t say enough about British Airways. Just wonderful in every way. We got settled in, had a bit of food, watched some tv and after a couple of glasses of really excellent Bordeaux I got a couple hours of sleep. 

We landed in London, went through customs and immigration and then on to baggage claim…where there was none of our baggage waiting!!! So we came on to our hotel and my tour manager Mark started the searching process for our bags. I performed at the CMA Songwriter’s Event at the Indigo at the O2…in the same clothes I left Nashville in! Thank goodness I decided to dress halfway cute on the plane and not opt for my usual comfy flying clothes! Mark somehow found a straightening iron and I had packed most of my makeup with me, so we made do. (It was an amazing night by the way! Got to be onstage with Bob DiPiero, Brett James, and Striking Matches..and meet some sweet fans after the show). 
Today they called and it looks like our bags are on their way to us. Hopefully they will get here by the time I leave the hotel at 2:00! Or…..I may perform in those same clothes again!

Loving being back in London! I wish we could stay here for awhile and play more shows. We are taking our Spring Break here….and going to Paris for a couple of days. The girls are on a Harry Potter tour now! I will post pics and updates here. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!. I’ll post pictures soon! xo



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  1. Michelle Murphy March 17, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    Dear Martina,
    Just wanted you to know that I am 49, will be 50 this year and I had an accident in 2004 that caused me to have a Closed Head Injury. I have a bit of damage in my head and a lot of memory issues, not to mention other problems but I wanted to say that YOUR music helps me so much. When I am struggling with the headaches, or just the stress of the TBI if I listen to your music it just does something for me. The hair on my arms stands up, on my neck stands up and listening to you just helps me in so many ways. The new songs have such a soulful / blues sound and it is so awesome to hear you singing these classics. There are others I would love to hear, but for now I just cannot wait to get the newest album. I am so excited for this…I would love to have a picture of you, one of the newer ones, signed by you. No matter what they say Music is the best Medicine, Even for those of us with BRAIN INJURIES. YOUR MUSIC IS A FREAKING HOT SPOT. I LOVED you singing LEAN ON ME. No one sings that better.
    Keep singing for us little people.
    You are the greatest….
    Michelle Murphy
    Brain Injury Birthday 10/11/04

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