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Martina McBride To Speak At Change The Conversation Event

Change The Conversation has tapped country legend Martina McBride for “A Conversation With Martina” on April 17.

“I was fortunate to have some great women in country who regularly encouraged me, and I remember how much it meant to get that compliment or that support or that feeling of ‘I see you,’” shares McBride. “I have the chance now to do that for a new generation of female musicians.”

Change The Conversation Co-Founder Tracy Gershon will lead the event, which will spotlight McBride’s career thus far.

McBride has also been a national advocate for women in country music and has used her platform to address gender inequities in the industry.

“I decided to speak about the lack of gender equality in country music because there’s still so much room for improvement,” she says. “I really believe that country music is so special because it’s about real life for so many people.  Real emotions, real stories…and it’s important to show more than one gender’s point of view.

“I think of the young women country music fans and think, ‘Where are their stories? Where are the things they can relate to?’ If you look back through country music history, so many of the timeless songs, the songs that made the biggest impact, are from women artists singing about their struggles or their pain or saying things with a sense of humor that other women can relate to.” McBride continues. “I think it’s important that we do whatever we can so that we don’t have a significant part of history that is missing from country music. We need to do whatever we can to rebalance these scales. Things can only get better if we’re all willing to come to the table and talk about the real issues.”

Sponsored by Regions, Media Row and The Change Agency, the event is free and open to the public. For more information, click here.