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Catch Martina On Two Episodes of Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is giving us an American Dream season this year and what better way to start than with some impressive guests who have had their dreams realized? We had Oscar De La Hoya, Martina McBride, and Dia Simms step out from the iconic doors, offering up a hint at their American Dream story.

For our final door, it was of course Gordon Ramsay stepping out with his own American Dream story. It was a chance to set the stage for an epic season, with chefs who have their own dreams on the line.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Hell’s Kitchen without the very first challenge, the signature dish challenge! This is the first opportunity for us to really get to know these chefs, and it’s going to be one of the first times that Gordon Ramsay gets to see who these people are in the kitchen.

Honestly, this is always an interesting first look at the season. We are getting to meet the chefs for the first time, and we don’t really have favorites yet or an idea of which chefs have what it takes to go the distance.

For the signature dish challenge, our chefs have just 45 minutes to come up with their dish that showcases who they are in the kitchen. And as they are called down in sets of two we are getting to know more about them, their dish, and getting to see how Gordon Ramsay is reacting to what they’re creating.

So which team walks away with the win for the signature dish challenge? In the end, while things were pretty close in terms of team scores (they even ended in a tie), the team that walked away with the win was the Red Team! This means the ladies won the first reward of the season.

The red team got to enjoy a relaxing experience in a mansion, a poolside experience, and even dinner with Gordon Ramsay. We all know that it pays to win on Hell’s Kitchen, and once again, this is the proof that you want to win every challenge.

It’s only day one, but we are definitely getting to see our first real look at how these teams are going to work with each other in the kitchen. And it seems like there may be some issues, at least on the blue team.

This is clearly going to be an interesting season and we can’t wait to see how everything goes for the first dinner service.